Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thoughts versus Truth

This blog posting is a response, based on Lysa’s book Unglued.

Oh my, how my thoughts have battled through the years to even consider there might be a grain of truth that was other than my own unconstructive thoughts.
Insecurity is a terrible thing to live with; for the one who suffers with the negative thoughts, as well those who are on the receiving end.

I’m certain you have all heard this accusation, “You will twist and bend anything I say in order to have your own way with it.”
I was a pro at that!
And I am not proud of it…no, not at all.

I could twist anything to have it result in absolute proof that I was not loved; not wanted; not cared for.
Pick one!
Heck, pick them all!
What a miserable existence.

Admittedly, I still battle with this, yet my ‘imperfect progress’ is recognizable.
While it is unquestionably not an easy task to change ones way of thinking, it is productive…and Godly. Yes, don’t ever forget that…it is Godly.
Even if someone’s actions are questionable, or maybe even nasty…I don’t need to entertain them. It does me no favor in my walk with the Lord.

It hurts my walk.
It ruins my day.
It forms frown lines. :0(   ….and one thing I definitely don’t need are more lines, thank you very much!

Living with Godly thoughts; positive thoughts; good thoughts about myself and my actions….only produces more and more good thoughts and behavior. The results of that need no explanation.

Regardless of anything…..anything, I am loved.

That is truth. I am created in God’s image. God’s image.
I may not always act as if I am…but, I am.
I am learning to literally ‘toss’ the negative thoughts out of my head and just get on with my life.

I have found the key to doing this is to spend time with the Lord daily and to read His Word daily as well. I also need to remember, each moment, how special I am; how precious I am. I am God’s child; His precious child.

I am on this earth to grow in Him; to glorify Him.

That is a high calling, and the God of the universe would not have called me unless He knew I was capable of handling it. He knew I would be an ‘over comer’ because He has faith in me. He has more faith in me than I have in myself.

I have looked and searched on this earth for acceptance and approval only to be disappointed and often to see what is not there through my negative lens. Now I am finally learning to look only to Him for my acceptance and approval…and it is working! Praise God!

One Scripture verse in particular that Lysa used, is a favorite of mine, and that is the Philippians 4:8 verse: “Whatever is true…..think on such things.” I try to recall this verse during my challenging times. I believe we all need a verse to call upon in difficult times.

In chapter twelve, as Lysa wrote about a difficult situation she dealt with regarding another woman’s scorn, she wrote: “It said a lot more about Abby’s hurt than it did about me or my ministry.”

I think this is vital that we all remember that when others do hurt us, they are dealing with their own ‘baggage.’ We mustn’t take everything so personal; it’s not about us.

It helps to remember our own baggage and the hurts we’ve caused others by it.

Forgive; love and pray.

My prayer is that each one of us will overcome and conquer, with the Lord’s help, our individual struggles with our ‘thoughts vs. truth.’


  1. Thank you for your sincere, heartfelt, and vulnerable honesty! It is so neat to see how this Unglued book affects and transforms us all--even if it is in somewhat different ways. God bless you, and thanks again for sharing!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks so much for your comments; I am so glad you enjoyed reading my blog.
    Blessings, Judi.