Monday, October 29, 2012

EBook....True Story

In response to Courtney’s invitation, I would like to take this opportunity to write a bit about an eBook I recently finished. I believe with all my heart the Lord encouraged me to write this book.
I hesitated.
I dragged my feet.
I made excuses.
I am human.
That seems a good enough excuse, doesn’t it?
I mean, when the Lord calls on us to do something….
don’t we normally question?

Once I had finally settled into the idea, I began to write. Then, I stopped for a variety of reasons.
One; it was too painful.
Another; I remained human.
I had my doubts as to why the Lord would call ME to write a book.
The questions; why, and, what do I have to say that others would want to read?
But in all my procrastination, in all my doubts, in all my fears…
…as I continued to drag my feet…the Lord persisted. 

I am forever thankful that I listened to Him. (How often I have spoken that statement).

Not only have I healed deeply, but I now have something I can share with others. Those who might be losing hope, or struggling to regain hope, may well benefit from reading my book. Those who are trying to heal and come to terms with their own walk with the Lord; those who are at odds with trying to understand themselves and others...all can profit from reading those words the Lord had me put to paper.

My book is “real.” It is a true unexaggerated story of a life filled with much pain and unmet expectations. It is “one woman’s journey”…..
…a journey that took me far from Him, and yet, would prove that He was never far from me.

My prayer continues to be that the Lord will place this book into the hands of those who ought to read it.
It is not yet in book form. It has been edited and will go into print sometime in the new year.

This season of my life has been rewarding. I can say that now. 
The Lord is Good. I have grown and continue to overcome.
I have hope.
I have Him.

My eBook is titled, Hell to Higher Ground. The author is Judi McIntyre.
Thank you for this opportunity to share!
Have a great day, everyone!

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