Monday, November 5, 2012

What is it about Grace?

Grace: the unmerited favor of God. It is undeserved; unearned; unjustified; unwarranted; and, many would utter, unfair.

We live in a world that is based on trade. You give me something, and in return, I give you something.

Even as small children, when we are taught to do chores, we are rewarded with an allowance; a payment for a job well done.

These trades, or payments, are often associated with money; something many of us value too dearly.

Let’s face it; rarely does a day go by where we are not involved in some sort of ‘trade.’ Whether it is through our purchase of groceries, gas, coffee at Starbucks or Tim Horton’s (dependent on where you live), parking fees, or just general mall shopping…daily we are bombarded with doing business...the business of trade.
Those who are gainfully employed, work for a wage. At the end of each week, a paycheck is handed out in compensation for duties performed.

We really can’t separate ourselves from ‘trade,’ can we?

Consequently, when it comes to our relationship with the Lord, we allow our trade agreements to greatly affect the way in which we relate to and with Him.

Truth is, God doesn’t work on a trade agreement. We know this, and yet we consistently adopt it into our relationship with Him.

We must remember, His thoughts are not our thoughts. His thoughts are high above ours.

Some may dispute that there is indeed a trading system with the Almighty.
He sent His sinless Son, Jesus, to the cross to die for our sins; He is our Savior. If we accept that and ask Jesus to be our Savior, our debt has been paid and we are now in the family of God. We inherit eternal life with Him.


Trade is based on some form of equality.
The love of God; the love of Jesus Christ, offers no common ground here.

When we open our Bibles, when we bow our heads in prayer….
As we relate to the Holiness of our God….
there is nothing, absolutely nothing, we bring with us that can ever compare.
There is nothing we can offer, nothing we can give.

What we must do is accept God’s grace based on who He is, and not on who we are.
When we do that, we will certainly find ourselves in a state of awe.

Once we are saved by the Grace of God, there are no trade offs, but there is verification of a truly transformed heart. There is evidence when one walks with the Lord.

Growing and maturing in our Christian walk is merely the evidence of a life lived by one who has chosen to believe in the truths of Scripture; to believe what God has spoken.

We have made the decision to follow Him instead of our old worldly ways. We have made the decision to kill off our flesh and, as difficult as it is, to love and forgive. These are evidences of our transformed heart. Not trade.

God loves you…that is why you are offered Grace.
Gladly receive the Grace God offers and be thankful each day that He made a way for us to return to Him.

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