Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dance Steps

 This blog is in response to the Proverbs 31 Bible study that Melissa Taylor is leading, on Karen Ehman’s book titled, “Let. It. Go.”
I became a follower of Christ as an adult…mid forties to be more exact. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was, by that age, for me to learn God’s ways over my own.

I had always been a very independent person; one who was very set in my ways and…as my husband would agree….quite opinionated…and correct…all the time. Yet, in my defense, I would say that I was willing to admit I was wrong…should that time ever come to fruition.

Let’s face it…I was stubborn and headstrong to no end.

When I first came face to face with the Scripture about wives submitting to their husbands…I honestly didn’t even care that it was God’s word. I was so disturbed by that Scripture verse; I simply decided to ignore it.

Somehow, that Scripture reference had been misquoted; mistaken…by someone along the way. Some translator had really messed up on that one.

In time…and it took a lot of it…I came to both understand and respect that verse.

I knew in my heart that God put everything in the Bible for my own good. I knew there must be a reasonable explanation. And there was….

Submission? Well, I am getting better. (I have to be honest here because my husband gets my blogs on his work email.)

I now understand the meaning; I also understand I am to submit to a godly husband…which mine is…most of the time.

When I feel he has tripped up, I am comfortable with confrontation…or should I say… discussion.
For the most part, I believe he is as well. My husband has never desired to “run” the show…most of our decisions are based on mutual agreement or compromise.

I am pleased that my husband rules over me (HA!)….I need to add…when it suits me. (I can hear him laughing now).
He is a man who strives to follow the Lord and I know I can trust him.

Trust was something I found difficult in all my relationships because of my past.
I really try to see his point of view now more than I ever did.

Submission is not easy for me, but I have come to know the comfort of allowing him to lead and, if I feel uneasy, I do speak up. (Yes, dear, nod in agreement).

I always remember:

No one is perfect, no one except God
God gave me a good mind
God made me to be a helper for my husband, just as He is my helper
Hubby and I are equals
We simply have different roles.

I am loved and respected, and I know it. This is healthy.

Oh, and one more thing I gotta say….
God made Eve last because once he had made man he turned and said, “I know I can do better.”

I’m only joking……….

Have a blessed day!



  1. We just have different roles.... I like that =) I think submission is a hard topic for us modern-day women because it does take the control out of our hands, and we've been raised in a world that tells us to be independent. The relationship God intended is a beautiful thing, but so much different from the world's view. Praying blessings on your marriage as you continue to Let. It. Go. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for your response Lauren. Yes, the worldview, sadly, differs much from God's intentions in our marriages as it does in every other area of life. Our teachings on independency have hurt us instead of preparing us for marriage.

  2. Judi,
    I LOVE your honesty!!! Your story is so powerful. Keep sharing your story, it's very inspiring. And girl, you are funny! I love humor and a life lesson all in one!

    1. Hey there Melissa,
      Thanks so much for your comments; very encouraging indeed! I normally try to be serious, but this one just got away from me. I suppose I should allow that to happen more often.

  3. Hahaha. I love that last part. Its easier to think that than to think Eve was an afterthought and not part of the original plan. I'm not married but the mere thought of submission seems like a defeat.

    1. Hi Kelly and thanks for your response. One thought...when its the right man...submission is not defeat. It's compromise!!HA!

  4. Thanks for sharing. We have had many a disscussion about Eve in our famiy. I believe that God planned it this way so a wife could have a soul mate each complements one another with their strengths and weakness.

    1. Thanks for your reply. Yes, God clearly said he made Eve for Adam because of the need for a companion. We do need one another. Blessings on you today! Judi

  5. Thanks for sharing. My mom taught me recently to let God be everything I need. It is a simple sentence, but I have pondered it extensively. I find the more I submit to God the easier it is to submit to my husband. The two have just gone hand in hand. I really liked this blog. If you ate not normally this light I agree with you about getting carried away more often because it was enjoyable. Catherine

    1. Thank you Catherine for your response. I am glad you liked my blog...and the advice your mom gave you is precious as gold. We don't really understand what it is to let God be everything, but it is always good to ponder and live by it to the best of our understanding. Blessings, Judi.