Tuesday, January 29, 2013

True Love

How do I come to know true love if I have never experienced it?

I was given this question, and as I continued to look at it numerous times over these past weeks, I could not formulate any sentences because the answer that continued to remain in my heart was so very simple.

It was one word: “God.”
Get to know God.

God is love.

God loves us all.

Well, possibly not so simple….maybe.

You see, I did come from a rather loveless environment. I did not know love, not really at all, until I came to know God.

And coming to know God is not quite as simple as some may think.
It is not merely saying a prayer; asking Him to come into your life. While that is a part of it…there is more…much more.

True love takes time and effort.
Love is a choice.

Yes, a choice.

Love develops; it grows over time.

For one who has never experienced true love, it may take years to come to terms with exactly what it is, let alone how to deal with it.
It can be quite complicated for mere man.

But it will come more quickly and easily dependent upon the time that is spent with the Lord. Surrounding oneself with Him and definitely His Word are necessary means to knowing true love.

He loved us first. He gave His Son so that we might live.
He gave His life so that we could spend eternity in glory with Him.

That is true love.

Although difficult to wrap around our finite minds, we can get a glimpse of this true love…but only through concentrating on His love which can only be done through the time we spend with Him.
That is how we learn to know anything or anyone, isn’t it?


Time is our friend when it is spent in the right ways.
It is never wasted where our Lord is concerned.

I pray you daily take the time to build on your love relationship with the Lord. His is true love, and the only perfect love.

We know our world would be a much better place if everyone followed His ways and His word.

Can you imagine what a glorious world this would be if everyone truly loved as He does?


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