Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seasons of Prayer

Summertime is a busy season, isn’t it? We all try our best to enjoy being outdoors as much as we possibly can; at least those of us who experience cold winter temperatures do anyway. But the one same struggle remains, no matter the season.

And that is the struggle to spend time daily in the presence of the Lord.

The most important thing I do, and will ever do, to begin my day and to end my day, and sadly, admittedly, it too often takes such great effort to take the time to bother to do it.

Right now! Do it right now!

That is what I hear the Lord prompting me to do. Sit and spend time with me, right now.
But no….I have something I just have to do first.
I tell both Him and myself that it is not a priority over Him. 
It’s just that I absolutely must do this first.
But then, in my doing, I soon forget all about my promise to Him and carry on with my day, ignoring Him entirely.

Shame sets in.

This has happened to me over and over again. I can’t tell you how many times… I don’t want to remember how many times.

But one thing I have to my credit is this; more recently, when I have heard that still small voice, there have been occasions when I have been obedient.
I have obeyed and have come to know the joy, peace, and contentment of beginning each day with Him.

It’s a discipline, isn’t it? No different from that of exercise and diet.
Unless I am willing to allow myself no choice but to do what I know is best for me…I will never restrain myself. I will continue to live my life at random.
After all, it is true that my flesh will never give up its want of control, nor will Satan ever give up either.
So please, have a wonderful day... and remember to begin it with prayer.

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