Friday, July 27, 2012


Do you ever find it frustrating waiting on God to use you?

I do.


Sometimes I feel as if God thinks I am not capable; I am not good enough…not ready.
Then, there are other times…the times when I feel He is right.

Times like when I blow it.

These are the times when I feel I will never learn; never change. In those times I am in complete agreement with God.

“You’re right!” I say, “How can I be used by you when my heart is in such poor condition?”

I am angry.

I have failed yet again.

But when I remember the Bible stories, those characters were no different from me.

Sure, some were stronger in areas where I am weaker…but one thing we all have in common are our failures. They may look different, but failure is there consistently.

The failure to glorify God.

So maybe I am not so incapable after all. Maybe I simply am not taking the time to listen to what God may be trying to tell me? Maybe I am so wrapped up in my own agenda, I can’t hear Him?

Maybe I am listening to the wrong voice; that ever familiar voice that gets pleasure from seeing me in an almost constant state of frustration. 

I have a question for you; whose voice are you listening to today?

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