Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I read the headlines; then I heard more about it on the news while watching television the next morning.

The headlines had read something like, “Troubled Whitney Houston found dead in her hotel room at age 48.”

The one word that stood out in my mind; the word that saddened me most, was the word “troubled.” That word had set off an alarm inside me that suggested to me that Whitney might have taken her own life.


Then, as I watched the news the following morning, my thoughts were confirmed. Empty pill bottles had been found in Whitney’s room.

She had been fearful of making a successful come back; fearful that she would fail. She was fearful that she would not be good enough.

Whitney left behind family and friends….a husband….and a daughter. The news reporter said her young daughter had been in the hospital, treated for stress caused from the news of her mother’s death.

How sad. The news of her mother’s death. A death that would appear to have been unnecessary because it was done by her own hand.

The lives of loved ones left behind will have been changed forever.

Whitney will never again experience the many opportunities of love from her family, friends, and fans.

I write this devotional because depression is something close to my heart. I have suffered from severe depression in my life. I have witnessed severe depression in others and have dealt with suicide in my own family.

Loved ones never come to terms with suicide. It is not something most can understand.

I would like to pray today for those who are suffering through depression.

Lord, I ask you today to comfort those who suffer from severe depression and possible suicidal thoughts. I ask that you would give them hope; help them to hear your still small voice in their wilderness, Lord. Give each person what he or she needs Lord, to hang on to you. Give each one a verse of Scripture that they can relate to when in need.

I thank you Lord that you are always here for each of us; that whenever we need to turn to you, you are there waiting for us.

I pray those who are in need of your comfort from this disturbing illness of depression, will turn to you and will not give up their fight to overcome. For you are the only one who can help us to overcome; you are stronger than any other force. Help us to always turn to you, Lord. In your holy name I pray. Amen.

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