Monday, January 9, 2012

Problems, problems, problems....

Greetings ~ Just a brief note to say "sorry" to those of you who may have experienced some problems accessing my account over the weekend. I have been experiencing some difficulty with my blog. I am not greatly computer savvy to begin with, but my initial issue was with the size of the photo on my site. As you can see, that has now been altered, thanks to my husband. But, in the interim, I managed to completely mess my site up, so now it has a different appearance. I need great patience while enduring these growing pains. Patience that can only be experienced through my placing myself in Christ's capable hands. Have you read my latest post that I posted this earlier this morning? I would like to share with you what my husband responded after he read it: "We must live the new life. This life is found in Christ. The battle lies in our refusing to accept His truth. It seems simple enough but only through submission might we enjoy His peace. Let us pray together for this life change. Not for a life that is better but one that is NEW. Thank you for revealing your heart, for it is from the heart that change comes.Love you." Have a great day everyone!

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