Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Heaven Feared

She opened her Bible and read. Then, as she normally did, she closed both her Bible and her eyes and began to pray, Bible in hand.

Her thoughts and prayers turned heavenward. There she was reminded of her destiny; her eternal home in heaven.

But as she spoke to the Lord, and imagined herself someday entering heaven, she began to weep.

Her vision was one of loneliness.

The room was bright; so bright it was white. But there was no one there standing with her; she remained alone, as she had felt much of her life.

As she sobbed, the Lord caught her attention.

She heard his gentle voice speak to her heart. “You won’t be alone child; this is heaven. This is where you will never be alone again. There will be no more pain, no more tears; only love…..remember?”

She dried her eyes. Her vision quickly shifted to the reality the Lord had spoken to her. He had put her picture in its proper perspective.

She imagined her grandparents and her mother waiting there for her. The love was overwhelming. She broke down and sobbed once again. Only this time, the tears were tears of joy and happiness.

Her mother, who had recently passed on, had never loved her. There had been so much hostility between the two of them much of her life. There were so many regrets.

In fact, she had experienced peace with her mother’s passing; there would be no more opposition from her. No more memories to live with of angry words and mean glances.

Now, in this moment, she had come face to face for the first time, with a reunion in heaven. A reuniting with her mother.

A reuniting with her mother who would love her. Something she had waited hopelessly for all her life would finally come to fruition.

Her tears surprised her. She had no longer been aware of the pain. It had numbed through the years; the years that had built layers of anger and bitterness.

I should have known better, she thought.

I know God; I love God…and God is love.

I should have known that underneath it all love would be waiting. It would have to.

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