Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Progress in 2013

“If trusting the Lord is to be the new way of life, how do I know I am progressing?”

Exactly how do you know if you are progressing in your walk with the Lord?

When this question was asked of me, my first thought was, I don’t have any problem knowing when I am regressing. And the problem associated with that is simple.

When I regress, it is because I have failed to spend daily time with the Lord. I have walked out on my own; alone and unguarded.

Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing.”

So, why am I surprised then, that I fall short of glorifying the Lord when I step out without him; ‘without him’ is not merely intended for those who do not know the Lord.

 Absolutely not.

‘Without him’ is manifest when we, as Christ followers, try to live our day not having filled ourselves by taking advantage of the absolute privilege we have to build on our relationship with the Lord.
With Him I am strong…without Him I am weak and vulnerable to both the evil ones ways as well as to my own sinful nature.

That really answers the question then, doesn’t it??

I know I am progressing as I look upon each day and recall time spent in the presence of the Lord. Progress is that time. Progress is the desire to be more and more in His presence.

The desire and the practice.

I have the desire, but, sadly, not always the practice. I know what I must do…and I constantly chastise myself for my poor priorities.
So I continue to ask Him for a gentle reminder which He gladly and faithfully provides because He knows the value to my spending time with Him.

So, now I ask you…..how are you doing? Are you progressing?
I pray you are….

Blessings on you today!!

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