Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trust Fund Baby

Trust Fund Baby! Share your most memorable blessing from God. Was it unexpected?
This is the question I laid my eyes on this morning when I opened my email from Melissa Taylor. Again, this posting is in response to the Bible study with Proverbs 31 ministry, on the book Greater, by Pastor Steven Furtick.

As soon as I read this topic, I knew what I had to share.
Like it or not….
It doesn’t matter.
Not anymore.
For it was and still is the most memorable blessing I have ever received from God.
Before I continue, I must say that my daughter, my granddaughter, and my husband are my greatest blessings from God…..
This, what I will share now, my most memorable blessing, is the miracle God performed in my life in order that I may know He is with me.

It took place about sixteen years ago now.
I did not know God. Oh, I believed in God…I just didn’t know Him.

I drank.
I smoked.

How many times I promised myself I would quit.
How many times I had failed…miserably.
And I do mean miserably.

I was miserable. And I was stuck!

Life hadn’t always been like this, but over the past years, with great stress in my life….
I just couldn’t seem to handle it anymore.
So, I turned my life inside out and stared into an empty rye glass every evening.
I was trapped.
Unable to do anything to stop, I finally came to the point where I knew that if I didn’t quit soon, I would put myself in an early grave.

One night, as I lay in my bed alone, I began to sob uncontrollably. I called out to the God I knew existed, but did not know.
I yelled actually. I was angry. Angry at me and unfairly angry at God.
I told Him that if He indeed was really there, and if He cared for me at all…why wouldn’t He help me. I told Him I had tried so hard, but failed at each attempt to quit both drinking and smoking.

I cried myself to sleep that night and when I awoke the next morning, I did not even recall the conversation.

A few months went by, and during that time period, I found myself gaining strength and determination to quit.

I set a date…which I had done many times prior and failed…but this time felt different.

Yes, something was definitely very different.

My date came, and I made one more attempt to quit.
Each day, as I succeeded, I began to be pretty darn proud of myself.
Time passed, and I remained both alcohol and tobacco free….with NO withdrawals. None!

After a short time, a small silent voice inside me reminded me of my outcry that few months earlier.
I was stunned!

I realized at that very moment that it was God who had been the successful one…He had been the one to enable me to quit.
It was Him.
He loved me. He heard my cry, and He responded favorably to my cry.

It was nothing short of a miracle.
I thank you God for the most memorable blessing….and yes, it was definitely unexpected. But now, over these past almost sixteen years, nothing surprises me that God does. He is more than capable to do all things.

I am ever grateful for His working in my life back then; just as I am for His continual working in my daily life now.

What a wonderful gift…the gift of life to be lived in its fullest! The gift of freedom from bondage!

My life began the moment I said “yes” to God, and the best moments I have are still when I say “yes” to God…..rather than going my own way.

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