Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Last week, our household was under the constant worry that we might lose our cat, Buddy. He had seemed so healthy, and then, suddenly, he changed, and was very ill. We hovered over him; we nursed him and cared for him, watching as he slowly regained his health and his energy.

We were so thankful once we could see that he seemed ‘out of the woods.’

We have had Buddy for about four and a half years now. Buddy came to us as a stray; it was the day following the death of my mother. I remember it well.

Buddy looked pretty scrawny and battered when we found him. We had rescued him from a huge whitish playful and curious dog that seemed to wonder if Buddy’s head would fit inside his mouth. That was the last straw for Buddy; he ran and hid in the neighbors bushes, which is where I found him.

He didn’t move; he allowed me to pick him up and bring him home. I wonder if he was looking for a home and I seemed a likely candidate. Anyway, he played his cards right. He snuggled up to us; he sat for about an hour and a half with my husband. He just lay on his lap, happy to be loved and feeling safe. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with him.

Since that time, Buddy has been a welcomed addition to our home. He is a friendly little guy and he likes everyone who visits. He normally gets to the door before I do; he wants to welcome all… and I think he might hope there will be food for him. I forgot to mention….Buddy has quite the appetite!

Since his recovery, we have learned that Buddy is now blind in one eye. Although we were saddened by that, we are very relieved to still have him here with us. We don’t know whether he has a tumor or perhaps he had a stroke. What we do know is that he is back to normal now and we will love him until the Lord decides it is his time to leave us.

Matthew 10: 29 tells us, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.” (NIV)

Yes, our little Buddy’s life is in the hands of the Lord; no different than our lives. Nothing happens on this earth that is not under the control of the Lord.

Although death is sad, it is comforting to know that no death happens without it being willed by the Lord.

When it is Buddy’s time to go, the Lord will take him.

More so, I am comforted to remember that my family and all my loved ones will not be taken home before the Lord’s set time.

In Him I trust, and I am so thankful that it is He who is in complete control of everything.

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