Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Sunday is Christmas day!
I bet many of you will be up early preparing for the day. Whether you are up early to prepare for the day, or simply for the excitement of opening presents, I hope your day is a happy and joyous one.

If you’re like me, you won’t have to rely on any little early risers around you to get you out of bed on Christmas morning…you will be awake all on your own, excited to begin the day. Try as I have, I cannot sleep in on Christmas day.

I remember, even when my daughter was younger, I would still be the first one up; sometimes it wasn’t even light out yet, and I wouldn’t be very popular. But, once everyone was up and downstairs eating breakfast, the excitement would build as the presents under the tree began to beckon each of us.

We had a rule in our house; still do. The presents are not opened until breakfast has been completed. Then we file into the family room, coffee in hand, and begin to dole out the gifts, one by one. Each person opens a gift as the others watch on. This makes both gift giving and opening a truly festive experience. Gifts are admired, oohed and aahed, and often, if it is clothing, it is tried on, over pajamas, and paraded about the room as if a model on a runway.

Hubby normally has camera on hand and begins to still shot the memories of the day. The process takes long enough to pour a second cup of coffee.

I have a ruling of my own that I personally practice each Christmas morning. The first year I was a Christian, I remember getting out of bed on Christmas morning and walking over to the bedroom window. It was still dark outside, and when I looked out, I saw one bright star in the sky.

I smiled. My thoughts immediately went to Jesus; to the Christmas story; to the star that shone over him. The star that gave direction for those seeking him.

I still look out the window each Christmas morning when I arise. And yes, it is still dark outside. Whether I see a star or not, and I usually do, I still smile. I remember that first Christmas morning and that star that shone over him to give direction for those who sought him.

I smile. I say good morning to Jesus, and I wish him a Happy Birthday.

I pause, knowing that today; a star is not necessary for one to seek Jesus.

I smile. I know he is here; right now, with me; with you.

Today, if you seek Jesus, you need only to speak to him.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!


  1. Your gift opening with the family is the same tradition as ours. We give out the gifts and then take turns opening them in front of everyone so we can see their expression. My husband thinks we are nuts. There are only 3 small children, and 5 adults but it may take an 45 mins or so to open all the presents. Anyways I like to watch my Sister or Mom and Dad open their presents. If I'm busy opening mine I may miss it. Oh well...It's nice to hear another family does the same. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I enjoy watching others unwrap and open their gifts. This was initially my husband's family tradition, which we carried into our marriage.I wish my family had had this tradition; it certainly makes the event more meaningful and enjoyable. And yes, it does lengthen the process, but I find that enjoyable as well. After all, there is so much love and effort put into shopping, purchasing, and wrapping each gift, isn't it nice that we can truly enjoy the end product of watching the recipient open the gift?