Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Want it Now!

This past weekend hubby and I went out window shopping for cars. This is something we had no business doing, since we had recently purchased our new truck, but we were curious. No harm in looking, right?


Before long, we found ourselves entangled in this one car. It was perfect! It rode nice; the gas mileage was excellent; both interior and exterior colors were awesome. The car had been gently used and had low kilometers….(that would be miles for those of you across the border.) :0) The seat was so comfortable for me; it was like it had been designed for my body. The price was fair.

We were ready to sign on the dotted line.

However, one thing was missing. We had not prayed and asked the Lord for his blessing on this purchase. (I think we knew he might not approve.)

But, I prayed anyway. We prayed.

Then, as we walked through the purchase process with the dealership, we could sense all was not going well. Soon, the deal would all but flop, flat on its belly.

The Lord had spoken. Or had he? Have you ever done that? Asked the Lord to intervene on your behalf, and when he does, you question his response? We did that day.

Again, we continued to pursue this car. But one thing we felt compelled to do, regardless of our disobedience, was to pray together, one more time, again asking the Lord for another sign. We were beginning to feel like Gideon.

In due process, and it wasn’t long coming, we could clearly see the Lord’s hand; and this time we listened. But even though we listened, we still remained very un-Christlike in our demeanor.

We complained about the dealership and how unfairly they had treated us.

However, later that evening, thankfully, we had returned to the Lord and found ourselves being very thankful that he had saved us from almost making a mistake that would have cost us our financial peace. Had this sale gone through, it would have created financial problems in our relationship that were quite unnecessary.

We were not in need of a car. We had convinced ourselves we were because we had found a lovely car at a reasonable price.

We had allowed temptation to enter in and we walked alongside it for too long. It would have been better if we had never driven into that dealership.

I have shared my story with you, to encourage you to turn to the Lord in all your wants and needs. He does not deny us pleasures; material or otherwise. We know this. He does intervene when we invite him.

And even when we determine to deny his wisdom, continued prayer will always have him by our side beckoning us to do the right thing; because he is faithful.

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