Friday, November 25, 2011

You Gotta Be Ready

Over the past few years, I have lost loved ones; family members, friends, acquaintances and neighbors, through death. In fact, just last evening, while out for a walk, my husband remarked on how many widows now live in our immediate neighborhood. There were none when we moved here a short thirteen years ago.

My mind immediately went to our neighbor’s husband, Art. He passed away six months ago. I remembered how he had shared with us about another neighbor’s nephew who had seen him sitting in his wheel chair in his driveway. The nephew was on his way to his uncle’s house; his uncle is a pastor, just up the street. Art shared of how this young fellow had approached him and asked him if he knew the Lord. Upon Art’s affirmative response, the young man offered to pray for Art.

I remember how deeply touched Art was……days later he was able to walk again. This was nothing less than a miracle; the Lord had heard and answered prayer. Maybe Art needed to know the Lord really was with him; maybe he needed to return to a serious relationship with the Lord; I don’t know. But I do know that Art had regained the strength to walk again, until it was almost time for him to go home.

Then I recalled another neighbor. This neighbor was much younger; he lost his life in a trucking accident, almost a year ago now. I thought of how his wife must have felt when she opened the door to the police and was given the dreaded news of her husband’s death. This man knew the Lord well. He was an elder in the church; he was a kind and gentle man. He was known by others to often use this phrase: “You gotta be ready, ‘cause you just never know when the Lord will take you home. You gotta be ready.”

It is in moments such as these that I am reminded once again of how precious life is…how valuable people are…how the Lord uses others to speak to me.

It is the Lord who gives us strength; the strength to walk through this life where we experience the hills and the valleys. It is the Lord who calls us to follow Him; to walk close by His side and to always be ready for His return.

I am grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness.

I am grateful that His faithfulness calls me into question; to re-examine my faith; my own personal walk.

He uses those around me to remind me He is there; He is here; with me; right now.

So, right now, I will use this time to pray……

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